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Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs


Symptoms associated with cognitive disorder

A lot of older dogs could suffer from a condition called Cognitive Dysfunction and there common symptoms that are associated with this condition. When a dog is experiencing this kind of condition may suffer in a lot of different ways. You must learn how to determine the symptoms to better understand their condition and the treatments that could slow down the progression of this condition. There are some instances wherein this cognitive issue may be successfully reversed and/or even completely stopped. Here are some common symptoms experienced by older dogs that suffer from this condition.

There are dogs that appear confused with their surroundings whenever they are in places they are familiar with.

Some canines are known to accidentally get themselves trapped in an area and though an obstacle can easily be removed, the dogs appear as if they can't figure their way out of the situation.

There are compulsive dogs that start to appear emotionally needy. These animals are at all times under the close supervision and care of their owner.

There are also dogs that have been friendly and highly social with humans and other animals before tend to withdraw and seem to be losing their interest in social interaction.

In many situations, the dog may be experiencing the opposite of how it has been behaving before. One example is when a dog that is house trained knows how to relieve itself in certain areas of the home but starts to relieve itself in a different manner and in inappropriate locations.

There are many pets that could possibly experience accidental bladder leaks when suffering from cognitive dysfunction.

Dogs also that experience this natural aging condition often sleep a lot during the day and in most cases, the dog may not be able to sleep well during the night. They may get up, roam around, or simply lie still and awake all throughout the night.

Some that already suffer from behavior complications might show destructive behaviors when they have cognitive dysfunction. When the dog experiences this condition, it may indulge in such behaviors which are considered as repetitive in nature. This includes consistent chasing, cleaning, or playing with its well loved toy. These behaviors do not only assist filling in a certain psychological need but it also affects the individual on its physical aspect, too.

A general lack of proper hygiene in dogs could also be a result of cognitive dysfunction. Your dog may no longer indulge in some self-cleaning processes and may lack the energy it needs to sleep.

Cognitive dysfunction is a complication that is commonly observed in older dogs. There are a lot of symptoms manifested by a dog that suffers from this kind of condition. If you observe that your dog is experiencing some of these symptoms, knowing and understanding about the treatments for this condition is vital. Aside from medical treatments, another effective way of reducing the symptoms exhibited by your dogs under this condition is to undergo a behavior modification training.

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