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More than likely, you’ve established some sort of routine with your dog. Do you walk the same block every day? Do you jog the same trail? If you’re tired of your routine, then there is an easy way to spice things up for you and your pet. Dog parks are great for exercise, socializing and just plain fun.

Some areas have dog parks galore, while other areas may require a little searching to find a good park. In general, a dog park is a place where owners can take their pets to run and play. Each park has its own rules. Some dog parks require leashes, while others do not. Most are fenced in areas, so that you don’t have to worry about your dog running around too freely. Often, dog parks offer play areas for dogs weighing less than 30 pounds, allowing owners to feel safer bringing their small pets. For the most part, the parks offer a way and means to dispose of waste. A few dog parks even boast cleaning stations where you can groom your dog on the spot!

Regardless of what type of dog park you end up visiting, keep in mind that your pet is your responsibility. Safety is extremely important for you, your dog, and the other park goers. In most cases, aggressive breeds are not allowed in the parks. If it’s your first trip to the park, then consider arriving with your pet on a leash. You never know when the leash may come in handy.
A dog park provides a large area for your dog to exercise. Your game of Frisbee may be confined to a small backyard at your home. At the park, you and your pooch can throw and catch the Frisbee at great distances! There’s more room to run and play, but you still need to give consideration to others using the park.

It’s important for dogs to be well socialized. In addition to providing a place for physical activity, a dog park delivers a setting where your pet can meet other pets. Responsible owners can let their dogs meet each other in a non-hostile way, hopefully developing doggie playmates.
While you’re helping your dog socialize with other dogs, you are also given the opportunity to meet other people. Dog parks are similar to a hobby group. You know that most of the people there have at least two things in common with you: a love for dogs, and an enjoyment for the outdoors. Who knows? You may find a neighbor who can become an exercise buddy.

Dog parks are a great way to spice up your exercise routine. You’re surrounded by other people and animals who share common interests, and you and your pet have more room to run and play. Many of the parks hold fundraisers and cleanup days, so volunteering at your favorite park is beneficial to you and your pet. What are you waiting for? Check out a dog park in your area!

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