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The Sport of Dog Tracking


If your dog is full of energy and loves to sniff this may be a new sport for you and your dog. Tracking is a competitive and recreational dog event. It is easy to understand for you and your dog. Your dog must follow a human scent trail in order to reach its goal. The dog must remain on a long leash. When your dog has found the scented item he must mark the object. They mark by laying down next to the item or sitting. Or the dog will be required to retrieve the object.

Why is tracking fun?
There are many reasons why your dog should participate in the sport. At the top of the list is fun. It is great exercise and it can give you a tracking title. Although the stereotype "tracker" is a Bloodhound or German Shepherd, your dog may not have to be either. In fact, your dog does not need to be a purebred at all. It can be a mixed all it needs is a great nose.
Tracking is physically demanding on you and your pet. The 450m track ensures both you and your dog get a good chase. This is perfect for both physical and mental health.
Tracking is great cross-training. It enhances the level of overall fitness of your dog. It improves their smelling skills. Many of the tracking participants believe it helps better them in the obedience ring.
You share all these benefits with your dog. Tracking can be stress relief and a way to work off extra energy. You work together with your dog and creates a stronger bond.

Equipment is limited in tracking. You need a harness designed for tracking and a long leash about 15m in length.

Tracking training is fairly simple. Start by introducing a trail of your dogs favorite treat. The point of tracking is to find an end to the scent. So fill a piece of clothing with treats at the end of the treat trail. Set your dog on the trail and encourage him to find the next treat. Over time use less and less treats between your dog and the goal.
Start with a short distance and move the final goal farther and farther away. Change the path and the terrain of the search. Train for the most difficult conditions to hone your dogs skill.

Unlike many other dog sports, tracking allows you to obtain a title with one clear run. You are also only judged in terms of pass or fail. If you work hard, you can earn one or all of three or 5 titles, depending upon the governing body.

. Tracking Dog (TD)
. Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX)
. Urban Tracking Dog (UTD)
. Variable Surface Tracker (VST)
. Champion Tracker (CT)

Each title will need much training. Be prepared for stiff competition but you and your pet will enjoy the sport.

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