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Dog Training Classes - Hiring The Wrong Person To Train Your Dog


It was a nice warm summer evening when nearly twelve dogs of different breeds were all came together in a small group at a local city park in San Diego, California. Next to each dog, its owner stood by, eagerly to the dog training instructor who stood in the center of the group. "Today's lesson will instruct you how to give your dog the "Down" command." He continued: "Now with your dog sitting next to you, and with the leash slightly slack, confidently say the word 'Down' and then step on the leash forcefully so that your dog is pulled to the ground and is aware of exactly what the down command means. This will indicate to your dog that you are in control and able to make him go down whether he feels like it or not."

Like mindless enablers, the whole group adhered to this process and followed the lesson and literally forced their dog's heads down to the ground by stomping on the leash. Once the entire training session had been completed, it appeared like every "down" command erupted in yelps and moans from each dog. There was utter confusion while the smaller breeds fought against the leash and collar and the larger breeds seemed bewildered, not comprehending the aggressive nature of the instructions. Each dog that disobeyed their owner and the leash in an effort to force them down were directed by the instructor to stay behind for some "special treatment". This special treatment simply resulted in much more assertive counter-instructions with a balled fist and an aggressive attitude toward the dog.

Is This Worth Saving A Few Extra Bucks? The above situation happens far too often around the country. It seems that with a few months of perusing and researching dog training publications, almost anyone can become a dog training "professional" regardless if the training practices they are imparting are proper or not. Such negative dog instruction only ruins the reactions, initiative, willingness, and motivation of any dog interested in learning. It just goes to prove that wherever there is money to be made in any type of profession, especially dog training, you'll always have your control-freaks and phony "experts" rushing to fill the gap and make a quick dollar. "It may be a simple matter of economics", as one pet shop manager was saying. "Many dog owners come into the store and want to know how to correctly train their pets. Although I sell tons of instructional pamphlets, they want individualized teaching instructions. However, it's quite costly to contract a legitimate professional so all they do is look around on the Internet or their local newspaper listings to find a cheap dog training class, which is often run by an individual that does not know what they are doing and often uses aggressive methods"

The point here is to inform all of you dog owners that it is far safer to work on your own training procedures by using qualified information instead of engaging the wrong individual to do the training. And there are some companies, such as "Petco", that is a nationally recognized animal pet store, that contracts professionals to lead obedience and training courses for your dogs weekly.

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