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Dog Treadmill training & indoor fun


It doesn’t matter what the weather is like you can always find fun things to do inside. You can excise your pet inside instead of a dreaded walk in the rain. Indoor fun can sharpen skills and help your dog practice training techniques. While playing you and your pet can learn new things.

Dog Treadmill Training

You can use your own exercise equipment with your pet. How about introducing your pet to the treadmill, or have them chase your exercise ball around.

Using the treadmill as an indoor exercise tool is quite popular. In fact, some dogs actually love walking on this machine - and they do not even have the distraction of a TV, music or video display. There are certain requirements when you introduce your pet to treadmilling.

• Make sure your dog is working with the machine.

• Keep it at a trot pace. Make sure it is within the range of your dog.

• Make sure the treadmill is the right size. It needs to be at least twice as long as the length of your dog from the front of the chest to the tip of his or her tail.

• Never ever leave your canine on the treadmill alone.

This is a mechanical way to exercise your dog. It is only 1 of several possibilities you can enjoy when the weather says no and your dog says yes. Here are some more ideas:-

Playing Indoors With A Purpose

Playing can lead to learning new trick or practicing old ones. All interaction with your dog will help them sharpen skills and be a better pet. Simple exercises can strengthen muscles and bones.

Try out some of these activities. Some can get a little rowdy so be sure you give heads up to housemates and neighbors.

• Practice obedience. You can use sit and stay commands. You can even attempt some of the more complicated combinations.

• Does your dog know how to weave? Practice having him or her weave in and around your legs. If he or she really enjoys this skill, perhaps you can consider entering them in dance class for dogs.

•On that note - try doing heelwork to music. This will make it more fun for you and your pet. You can step in time to the music, stop, have the dog go around you and continue.

If you can, control the music so the stop and change are in time with a pause of the music.

• If you have 2 dogs or more, play Canine Musical Chairs. Use music and have the dogs practice circling a chair or object. When the music stops, say stay or sit. The dog who moves gets removed from this portion of the game. The others move on.

• Practice racing and other forms of agility work. Time you and your dog. Do this to music. Pretend you are members of the Superdogs’ team.

• Switch between skills and game because pets can get bored easily.

• Fetching is another exercise with a purpose. It helps your dog respond to command.

All these activities will bond you and your pet.


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