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Dog Bag in the City

In some states, there is an ordinance that you should clean up your dog's waste and there's an expensive fine if you won't do so. That is most likely in the big cities, and of course you want a neighborhood free form dog poops. That's when the need for carry poop bags arises.

You wouldn't want to use ordinary shopping bags even if it's easy and always available. Imagine if the bag has a hole when you reach inside and scoop, you will just find your hands smothered with a handful of stool! Ooh, that was gross!

Various plastic bags can be used depending on your dog's size. A clear sandwich bag may be use if you have a cute little dog, but if you have a huge one, it is better to invest for a leash dispenser for dogs' poop bags. There's even a leash pouch that can be purchased from stores and it already comes with waste bags. With the pouch you can put the poop bag (with the waste inside) and carry it until you find a trash can.

And you can benefit greatly with the dog waste bags:

1. You wouldn't want others to see what you are carrying, so these bags are mostly opaque and colored. This keeps you from the embarrassment by carrying a poop while you're outside.
2. You wouldn't want others to smell what you have in the bag, so some bags are scented.
3. It also comes in tightly rolled bundles and is user-friendly.
4. It has pleasant designs and can be attached conveniently to the leash.
5. No need to worry about destroying nature, these bags are biodegradable and made of recycled plastics. Some can also be flushed in the toilet.

Scoop The Poop

And if you want convenience and you have more than one dog, pooper scooper is already available in the stores. You can have the one with a long handle so you wouldn't have to bend your back to scoop the poop and you also don't need to scoop it with your hand in a bag. It will save you a lot of time and is very handy.

You can get a scooper that can be used with one hand and you can also find one that has a bag attachment. This will prevent the scooper from getting messy so you won't have to wash it every now and then. The waste is easily dumped after you have scooped the poop away.

In-ground Digester

In-ground digester can be used if you have a backyard and a bunch of dogs especially big ones. This product can be buried in your backyard, just make sure it is not near a vegetable patch because the waste ends up in the soil. Digesters are sort of a compost bin that is buried in the ground where you will add a special enzyme stool mix and water once a week. Some models come with a pedal apparatus. You won't have to do anything because the digester will do the work for you. It will liquify the stool and drains it to the surrounding soil. No harm done to nature because it is eco-friendly. With this, you don't have to think where to put the poop!

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