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German Wirehaired Pointer


History and origin: The German Wirehaired Pointer originated in the late 19th century in Germany. This breed is as versatile as the German Shorthaired Pointer, but its all-weather protective coarse, wiry coat permits him to handle rougher hunting conditions and a chillier climate.

Description: The German Wirehaired Pointer is about 22 to 26 inches to the shoulder and weighs 50 and 70 pounds. He is strong, well-muscled. His moderate-maintenance fur is of medium length, coarse and wiry, and water resistant. A thin undercoat sheds in the summer, so regular brushing will avoid matting. The coat is red/brown and white.

About the breed: This is a hunting dog and is not adept for family living. These are energetic dogs that require exercise. They are detached and independent compared to other pointers and have an almost terrier-like character. They can be obstinate and are not friendly to strangers. This breed is ill advised for families with children. The breed requires early obedience training and early socialization. These dogs can be destructive if bored or left alone for a long period of time, and they bark. The German Wirehaired Pointer's keen scenting ability is a hurdle during obedience training, especially for the "come/here" command. Once pointers pick up a scent, they will ignore other stimuli, as they have been bred to do. They are not intended to be silent, friendly family dogs.

Feeding: Recommended feeding is about 1 - 2 cans (13.3oz) of high-quality meat with a biscuit added in equal part or 5 cupfuls of a complete, dry dog food.

Ideal home: The German Wirehaired Pointer requires a fenced yard. A hunter would be ideal, giving the breed a purpose and the proper level of activity.. An owner should be a leader and offer ample time to provide the dog with basic obedience training and socialization. This dog is not for someone who cannot handle a busy, high-energy dog. Similarly, a runner might find this breed an excellent partner because of his agile, muscular body.

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