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Good Dog Crates


When we hear the word “crate”, the first thing that comes to mind is cage or prison. That's where we are wrong. A crate is an essential tool that helps us educate our dogs. Every dog wants to have the coziest and comfy spot where he sleeps and “hang-out” and where they feel that they are safe.

You wouldn't need to have your dogs crated for long periods of time, dog crates help us train our dogs discipline and control. Dogs need to learn and understand not to poop anywhere so they need to be crated for a certain period of time.

The effectiveness of it lies on the cover and size of the crater. It should be covered in bedding so it will give your dog the impression that he is still in his comfy den. Dogs also have the natural instinct not to mess up in his “comfort zone”. This will make him understand that it is not alright to poop anywhere other than the bed. Getting used to do his deed anywhere is a hard habit to break. We also think that the bigger the crate is, the better. But actually, it should be small yet comfortable. The dog should be able to stand and turn around while in the crate. Putting him in a big one will not make him learn discipline, he will just sit in a corner and poop.

Two varieties that can work for your personal use are the metal folding crate and the plastic airline type. Plastic-style crates make your dogs feel secure and cozy in it. Close-in plastic crates are not ideal for some dogs as it is very dark and does not give them a safe feeling.

Different Crates for Different Needs

1. The dog can stand up, lie comfortably and turn around.
2. Crates with dividers are best for large breed dogs. With this, you don't need to buy crates every now and then while your dog grows. This is a wire type crate and the dividers are adjustable to the size of your dog.
3. If you want style for the crates, there a lot of choices for you. You can choose between rattan, wooden and doghouse-style crates.
4. If your dog accidentally pooped on his crate, he might do it again if the smell lingered in it so it is best not to buy soft-sided crates. Soft-sided crates are hard to clean and smell stays on the fabric longer, making your dog habitually relieving himself in it everytime he smells it.
5. If you're on the move, folding crates are also available. You can also get the one with wheels. It is ideal if you move the crate a lot and if you are traveling.

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