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Dog Grooming: Some Great Tips for Grooming your Pet


Brushing a dog can be challenging, especially with a long-haired breed. Most owners do not have the time or interest in extensive hair styling or designing for a dog. This article will offer a few tips to will guide you in brushing your dog's coat effectively and effortlessly.

Brushing your dog's coat

Regardless of coat type, your dog's hair should to be brushed regularly. If your dog is long- or medium-haired, keep it clipped, unless you want to style his hair, like many Poodles or a Lhasa Apsos. Short-haired coats are easy to maintain, requiring weekly brushing. There are many types of brushes available for grooming. For smooth coats, a regular rubber brush, and bristle brush are common to remove dirt and dead hair. For short coats, a pinhead brush is best for knots and mats, followed with a bristle brush to remove muck. To brush a long-coated dog, use a comb or a pinhead brush against matted hair, then use a wide-toothed comb to finish. Dogs with silky-coats should be brushed with a pinhead brush, followed by a bristle brush to highlight the coat's luster.

Brushes and Combs for your Pet

A nylon bristle works well for short or medium-hair, and a slicker brush, which is ideal for daily brushing, will remove mats and dead hair. A shedding comb removes the loose coat, and a massage brush offers extra pampering. A soft pin slicker is designed for dogs with fine, silky, and sensitive skin. A long-coat comb works best for small or toy dogs. An oblong pin brush is best on both fine and coarse coats with undercoats, while a regular pin brush will help detangle mats. A flea comb has fine teeth and a plastic handle to remove fleas and their eggs. Finally, a dematting rake removes dead and loose hair from inner coat layer but leaves the outer coat untouched.

What about Odor Prevention For Your Dog? Some advanced dog brushes, like the Zilo-Pet brush, have bristles made of stainless-steel alloy that counteract molecules that cause odor build-up in a dog's coat.

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