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The toughest problem is when puppy owners try to stop their puppies from darting out the door at any time they desire. This attitude can make your puppy run from your home and get hurt and even cause him to die from a car accident. Training your puppy the “wait” command is a great training method that will greatly improve your puppy’s behavior and save his life.

The following is the “Wait At The Door” Training Technique:

• Make your puppy sit next to you as you sit in front of the door. Make sure your the door opens away from you. Try to show your puppy that it not okay to walk through an open just because its open.

• Just give your pup a “wait” command while going towards the door. If your puppy doesn’t budge, say “Good Boy” and give it a treat. But, if he begins to move towards the door, give a cheerful “No No”, and make him to sit down once again. Do not chastise him, keep it happy. It's supposed to be happy and meaningful.

• Repeat the technique, but make sure you don’t stretch extremely far for the door, a few paces with your arm will do. If your puppy stays sitting then precede with the technique while each time multiplying more length as you reach for the door. Your puppy must be seated until you take the handle and wiggle it. Then give him a treat for sitting still.

• Reach for the door and calmly open it just 1or2 inches. Give your puppy a fun snack if he sits still. Once again, if the dog starts walking by the door then give the “No” command and sit him on the floor. Then do this technique again while you open the door more and more every time.

• Your puppy should be extremely quite well by now. When you are able to open the door all the way while your puppy stays sitting, then walk through the door and stand in front of him. Wait about fifteen seconds and step back to the puppy and give it a snack. The walk through the door and call your puppy’s name to “come” to you while standing on the outside. Give your dog the “sit” command with a fun snack.

As a Result your puppy will eventually learn not to go through the door. It just takes a little practice. The thing that you don’t want to do is give up. It takes a little time and patience. Just make sure that you repeat the steps within this article and you’ll be fine. Enjoy training your dog!

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