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Ordering options
Lurcher picture
"Denver" (pastels, 2004)

There's different types and options available when it comes to commissioning a dog portrait.

To begin with:-

1. Choose what type of portrait you'd like
Portraits can be as head and shoulders, or full body works. Looking across you can see an example of a head and shoulders study in pastels, and below, a full body work.

2. Decide on a size

The three options (in inches) are 12" x 10" (slighty larger than A4 paper), 16" x 12", and 24" x 18".The size you opt for depends to an extent on whether you are ordering a head and shoulders, or full body portrait. Head and shoulders are best suited to 12" by 10" and 16" by 12", full bodies work well as 16" by 12" or 24" by 18". Other larger sizes are available on request.

"The portrait arrived today. It is absolutely wonderful, you have captured Sasha perfectly and the level of detail is astonishing.  You really feel her personality/emotion/experiences coming from her eyes! It's just exactly, perfectly "Sasha". I am so pleased. "
(Eleanor Parsons, Berkshire)

3. Would you like a scenic background?
This option is a available for head and shoulders or full body works. Portraits are drawn on a plain background, such as in the portrait of Denver above. However, for an additional cost, it's also possible to request a special background, such as your dogs favourite walking area, or in your garden. If you look to the left you'll see an example of a full body portrait with a background.

Here's the original photos that I was sent:-

The owner specifically asked for Sasha to be depicted on the beach. Sometimes when I'm working on full body paintings, there isn't one really good photo available that captures the dog well. Here I used two different photos to create this portrait (one for the face and one for the body), and used a beach reference that I had to create the backdrop.

German Shepherd Dogs

Group Portrait of German Shepherd Dogs

Portrait of a dog in pastels with features
additional features

when ordering, I'll also ask you:-

1. How will you be sending your photographs?
Photos can be sent via email, or through the post as prints or on CD. Please read these notes about the kind of photos that produce the best pet portraits. If you are able to take some photos of the dog, please avoid using flash (this distorts the colouring of the pet in the photo) and try to take photos outside in natural daylight.

2. Did you want a group portrait?
If you'd like a number of pets together in the same portrait, I charge £95 for each extra pet. More info here about group portraits.

3. Is there any additional information?
e.g. the inclusion of a collar/the dogs name on the portrait/a prefered photograph etc. More info here about custom pet portraits.

4. When would you like the portrait by?
As a guide, please allow three weeks for the completion of a portrait. Sometimes it's possible to complete a work quicker than this if you have a specific deadline in mind. If you're ordering in the Autumn, please allow plenty of time if you would like your portrait in time for Christmas. It's also possible to order a gift voucher if the deadline is too short.

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Payment and refunds:

Payment can be made online with credit or debit card via paypal, or by cheque through the post. Full payment is required on ordering. (Cheques are not cashed until a week after I post the art work). If you are not fully satisfied with the work a full refund will be issued.

"Thank you so very much for the picture of my mums dogs. It is her birthday on Christmas eve and thanks to your talent I expect we will have her in tears.The picture is by far better than I could ever imagine and you seem to have captured their personalities”
(Ms. T. Honey, Diss, Norfolk)

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All images are copyright 2001 to 2019 Julie Palmer. Portrait images must not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of the copyright holder.

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