Pet Portrait Artist Julie Palmer

Prize Competition

Competition to win a signed A4 limited edition print by Julie Palmer.

This competition is currently not running.

Portrait of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Watercolours

"Puppy Days "

(watercolour, 2001)

(normally £28)

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What is the name of the Dalmatian in the gallery?
Is it:-

1. Freddie
2. Dizzy
3. Brig
4. Rover

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Competition Draw Dates
|1st April | |1st July |
| 1st October | | 1st January |


Last quarters winner :-    

Sophie Magill


"Thank you so much for your beautiful, touching portrait of Maddy. It was sad to think we had so few photos of her, but thanks to you we will now have something wonderful to remember her by"
(Alison Ryding)



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