Featured above is a dalmatian painted in 2007 in pastels.

FAQ: What size would you recommend for a pet portrait?

Answer: To give you an idea, the dalmatian portrait here is 12" by 10 " (inches) in size. I now offer five sizes - 12" by 9", 16" by 12", 18" by 14", 20" by 15" and 24" by 18". The size you opt for will depend on a number of factors. The first thing to consider is do you want a head and shoulders study of your pet, or a full body portrait? If you want a head and shoulders, then the smallest and second sizes work well. (The dalmatian portrait above would have worked well at either size). If you really want a 24" by 18" head and shoulders portrait, please bear in mind that most dogs will be larger than life size at these dimensions. Full body portraits work best at the three larger sizes. Another factor is the size of your pet - if you own a toy dog, then a head and shoulders at 12" by 9" would work well, but if you have a larger dog in mind, then you may want to choose a larger size of paper to reflect this.

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