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Tabby Cat Portrait
"Drama Queen " (2007)

There's a few things to consider when ordering your cat portrait:-

To begin with:-

1. Think about what type of portrait you'd like
It's possible to commission a head and shoulders study, or a full body work. (the portrait to the right, "Tabatha" is an example of a head and shoulders, and below, "Poppy" is a full body painting).

2. Choose a suitable size

If you're ordering a head and shoulders portrait, then 12" by 10" is a good size for a cat study. I recommend 16" by 12" for full body cat portraits. If you require a large portrait, remember that with a 24" by 18" the cat will appear much larger than life size. I usually use 16" by 12" or 20" by 15" (and occasionally 24" by 18") for group portraits of cats.
Cat Portraits and backgrounds

Backgrounds can be added to head and shoulders and full body paintings. For full body works, I offer two options:-

1. A sketched backdrop. (There's no extra charge for this). I can create an indication of what the cat might be sat on or lounging in! Seen opposite is "Poppy", perched alertly on the garden fence. (This option is also available for dog portraits).

2. A scenic background. (There's an additional charge with this option). For example, your cat sat on his favourite chair, or perhaps lying in her sunny spot in the garden.

Here's the original photo I used for "Poppy":-

Unfortunately, the bottom part of the tail was missing from the original shot. However, thankfully the owner was able to find another photo to use as a reference for this!

"Thank you so much for the portrait of Poppy which has arrived safely. It is an excellent likeness!"
(Richard Ashman, Hampshire)
Black and White Cats together

group cat portrait

White Cat

additional features

(the dates of the cats life has been added to the portrait)

four more things to consider:-

1. Portraits can be single studies or as groups.
You may like to bring several of your cats together from different generations (even ones which have never met each other!) There's more information about this on the group portraits page.

2. There's two ways of sending your photographs:-
It's possible to send me your photos via email attachment, or through the post. These can be as originals or on CD. If you're posting valuable originals, please consider using recorded delivery. I always return any photos sent to me. For some hints and tips on taking good photos for portraits, please see this photo article in the FAQ's.

3. Other requirements and customising your work.
For example, would you like the cat's collar on the work, is there a tag that you would like to be seen? There may be a specific photo that you would like me to work from. Read more about custom details for your portrait here.

4. Dates and deadlines
Most portraits take about three weeks from ordering to posting. However, if you have an urgent deadline in mind, please do contact me - it may be that I can do this for you. The busiest times of year for me are in the Autumn and Christmas period. I advise ordering early to guarantee delivery for the festive season. If you have run out of time to order, you may wish to consider a gift voucher. These can be made out to any amount, and are valid for one year.

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How to pay and my refund policy:

It's possible to pay in two ways:-

1. via paypal online (accepts most major credit cards, and you don't need a paypal acoount to use paypal)

2. by cheque through the post. (I don't cash cheques until seven days after posting the completed work out).

I offer a full refund if for any reason you are not entirely happy with work. All I ask is that you post the work back to me.

"I received my portrait of Angel today. When I opened the tube with her picture in it, it was like she was still here with me. I looked at her and just cried. You really captured her beauty and spirit. Thank you so much Julie. You don't know how happy you made me".
(Junetta Lancaster, Olympia, Washington State, USA)


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