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White Horse Pastel Head and Shoulders Portrait
"Harley" (pastels, 2011)

I only paint horses as head and shoulder studies. This is to allow sufficient room for detail, which would otherwise be lost in painting a full body work of such a large animal.

Here's a few options to think about when ordering a horse portrait:-

1. Decide on a size

Due to the size of the animal, I find the best dimensions for horse portraits are either 16" by 12", 18" by 14", 20" by 15" or 24" by 18". If you are considering a 24" by 18", please bear in mind that once the portrait is mounted and framed the final size will several inches bigger - you might want to check first that you will have a suitable place to display such a large work.

2. Consider the angle of the horses head

In the example opposite, "Harley" faces us. You may prefer your horse to be painted at three-quarters on, as in the examples below (both these approaches allow us to see both eyes of the subject), or at right angles to us (see this example of "Dignity").


3. Would you like a background to the work?

Portraits are supplied with plain backgrounds (as above). However, it may be that you would like a scenic backdrop to the work, and this is also possible as with an additional charge.

Sometimes I am asked to paint horses on their favourite treks or in their stables. In the example opposite the horse is outdoors on a bright day, enjoying their favourite spot.



Here's the orginal photo that I used to create this portrait:-

Horse Photo

Notice how in the photo above, the hair is braided. However, the owner requested that "Jo" was depicted with her mane down. I was able to do this by cross-referencing with another photo that the customer had supplied.


some other points to consider when ordering :-

1. How will you be supplying your photos?
It's possible for you to email or post your photos to me. You may want to do this to begin with, before ordering, so that I can advise you on a suitable photo for the finished portrait. If it's possible for you take some photos of the horse, please read these hints and tips first about taking good photos for me to work from. Try to ensure that the horses head fills the photo, although avoid getting too close as this can lead to distortions.

2. Would you like two horses together?
It's possible to commission a group study of two of your horses together. You will need to order a 24" by 18" portrait to allow sufficient space for this to be possible. (I've written more about group portraits in the FAQ's, and you can see an example of three horses together here). It's not normally possible to combine horses with other pets (such as dogs or cats) due to the difference in the size of the subjects.

3. Is there any additional features you would like in the portrait?
For example, would you like the mane braided or down? Would you like the horses harness removed if it's in the original photo?

4. Do you have a deadline for when you would like to receive the work?
Horse portraits usually take about three weeks from ordering. It may be that you have a specific deadline in mind that is earlier than this. If so, please contact me and I'll see if it's possible to work your commission into my schedule. If the portrait is a present and the deadline is too short, you might want to consider a gift voucher instead. Remember that Christmas time is my busiest time of year. I advise ordering in the early Autumn to avoid disappointment.


Here's another background option if you would prefer something a little more dramatic!


"Thankyou for our portrait of Patrick, it is absolutely fantastic it really looks so lifelike, my sister is going to love it. You really do have an amazing talent, thank you for sharing it with us and making our sisters 50th birthday present so very special"
(Lisa Marlor)
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Payment and refunds:

I accept payment with credit card (online via paypal) or with cheque. (I don't cash cheques to a week after posting the finished artwork). If you're ordering with paypal, I ask for payment in full on commissioning the work. I offer a full money back guarantee if you're not entirely happy with the portrait.

Julie receives orders for portraits from counties all across the UK, including Devon, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Lancashire, Merseyside, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Surrey, and Tyne & Wear.

All images are copyright 2001 to 2019 Julie Palmer. Portrait images must not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of the copyright holder.

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