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frequently asked questions


questions about your photographs

1. Are my photos OK for a portrait?
What makes for a good photo for you to work from? Do you have any guidelines?
2. Dog memorial portrait
My pet has died and I only have poor photos. Can you create a memorial portrait from this? And do you return the photos?
3. Sending your pet photos
Do you accept photos by email? Can I post them to you? What digital format should they be in?

questions about ordering

1. How long does a portrait take?
How long will it be before I receive the work?
2. Gift vouchers
Can they be made out to a specific amount?
3. Internation Commissions
I live in the USA. Can you deliver to here?

questions about the portrait

1. What is a pastel painting?
How is it different from an oil or watercolour?
2. Group portraits
I'd like a number of my dogs together in one portrait, but I don't have a good shot of them all in one photo. Is this possible?
3. Backgrounds to portraits
Can I choose a background for the portrait?
4. Custom portraits
Can I ask for additional features to be added such as collars, scarfs and the name of my pet on the portrait?
5. Do you paint anything else to commission?
Do you paint people, houses, landscapes etc?

framing and the size of portraits

1. What size of portrait do you recommend?
What size do you advise for my breed of dog, and what size would you suggest for full body portrait?
2. Can you work to a specific dimensions?
Can you create the portrait to fit my frame?
What is the largest size possible?
3. Framing a pastel painting
Do you frame pastel paintings, and how should they be protected?

payment, delivery and refunds

1. What happens if I'm not happy with the portrait?
My comprehensive refund policy
2. Methods of payment
How do I pay for the portrait? Can I pay by cheque/credit card? Do you take a deposit?
3. Delivery costs
Are the portraits insured in transit? Do you post overseas?

What is a pastel painting?

And how is it different from an oil or watercolour?


Pastel is a painting in chalk with a soft and detailed finish. The technique allows for a sense of movement and animation.

Terrier Portrait
(pastels, 2006)

I use a combination of Rowney soft pastels, which have bright colours and can be readily smudged and blended for background work, and Stabilo pastel pencils, for the finer detail, working on Canson fine art paper. 19th Century artist Edgar Degas and impressionist Mary Cassatt produced some of the finest pastel paintings.

Pastels will last well when framed behind glass in a mount.


Oils are oil based and therefore slow drying. They have a feeling of tradition and permanence. Oil paintings are built up from a series of "layers", which need to be allowed to dry before a new layer can be applied.



Watercolours are paints in water soluble pigments, usually applied to paper. The rapid drying times involved allow for a spontaneous feel and the capturing of fleeting moments.

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