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Inspiration and Education

Julie lives in Chichester, England with her husband Neil. They have two children - Charlie, (who is ten) and Jamie, who is now four years old. Their devoted Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Hattie) passed away in January of 2009.

Julie has been developing her commission based work since graduating with a B.A (Hons) from the Chichester University in 1992. In recent times, she has focused on painting animal portraits.

She desires to capture the essence of beauty, either felt or seen;

"While busily attempting the most painstaking imitation of nature, I do not for a moment let go of the feeling which has gripped me. Reality is a part of art but emotion completes it."
(Jean Baptiste Camille Corot)

Her original works have traveled across the world, and are now displayed in private collections in Canada, Northern China, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, France, Ireland and here in the UK.

Over the years, Julie has completed hundreds of portrait commissions. The quotations scattered amongst the examples are just a small selection from the many satisfied customers she receives correspondence from.

Artist Julie Palmer Drawing
Artist Painting Jack the dog

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