Portrait Backgrounds

Can I choose a background for the portrait?

It's possible to have a background of your choice for any type of portrait, whether it's a head and shoulders. or full body work.

To give you an idea, here's some previous commissions and background options:

Sketched Backgrounds

In this approach, I usually imply what the animal may be sat on, but avoid detail. This option is free of charge.

Full Body Portrait of a German Shepherd

"Misha" (pastels, 2014)

Scenic Backgrounds

Here I work with the customer to decided on a suitable backdrop to the work. Previous portraits have included forests, a favourite dog walking area or chair they sit in, a view of the garden, a country scene, and beach background. You're welcome to send in any photos as suggestions for the background. There is an extra charge for detailed backgrounds, depending on the size of portrait. Please refer to my price list for further information.

Two West Highland Terriers on the beach

"Daisy and Poppy" (pastels, 2015)

Head and Shoulders Portrait with a Scenic Background

portrait of a springer spaniel in a garden

"Daisy" (pastels, 2007)

Here's another example of the detailed background approach, this time it's a head and shoulders portrait of a Springer Spaniel, and the owners garden as a backdrop.