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Pet Portrait Artist Julie Palmer

T.V. commissioned artist Julie Palmer B.A. (Hons) creates beautiful portraits of your dog, horse, cat, or other loved one in pastels. Working from photographs, paintings can be ordered via the internet and delivered to Dunstable and the surrounding region, usually within three weeks of ordering.


note from julie:
Hi, and welcome to my site. I'm so pleased that I'm able to share my passion for painting animals with you! Here you can see recent examples of some of my commissions that I've undertaken, and find out more about me as an artist and what excites me about portraiture.

If there's anything you are not sure about, you can always browse the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section, and please do feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have. I look forwards to hearing from you! Julies Pet Portraits Signature

At this site you can:-
Order a portrait online or via the post
View previous works from her online gallery
Discover more about the artist
Check out the different price options available.
Contact Julie if you would like to ask her a question or send her some photos of your animal.


There are a number of options available if you would like to commission a dog portrait from Julie. The simplest type of portrait is a head and shoulders work, and these start at 12" by 10" in size. Portraits can also be in full body, and include a background to the work if prefered. If you have a number of dogs, these can be depicted together on one work - even if they are from different photographs or even different periods of your life!

The pastel painting here is of a beautiful Rottweiler dog, and is 24" by 18" in size.

Rottweiler Dog

Here you can see the original photo that Julie was sent. Notice how the dog's left arm has been moved across so that it appears in a more natural pose.


Horse Portraits can be ordered as head and shoulders pastel paintings, and work well at 16" by 12" size (or larger).

the original horse photo

Photo of the head of a horse

There are three different background options for horse portraits - plain, scenic and atmospheric. (The horse portrait on the right has a scenic background). It's possible to find out more about ordering a horse portrait here.


Sending photos of your pet to Julie:-

Photos can be sent via email or through the post. If you like, you can send the photos before ordering for Julie to comment on their suitability and give you an idea which ones might work to create a portrait from.



A cat portrait painting can be a head and shoulder study or full body work. Normally cats are best at 12" by 10" as head and shoulders, and 16" by 12" as full body portraits. To discover more about commissing a cat painting from Julie, please visit this page.


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