The Labradoodle - (Labrador & Poodle Mix)

Getting to know a Labradoodle

There is a kind of dog that is a crossbreed or as a hybrid dog. It is created by mixing a Labrador Retriever with the Standard Poodle or Miniature Poodle, hence, the Labradoodle.

The Labradoodle was first intentionally bred in 1989. It is for Guide Dogs Victoria that a certain Australian breeder named Wally Conron crossed the Labrador and Standard Poodle for the first time. His intention was to create a dog with the low-shed coat characteristic of the Poodle and with the calmness of the Labrador and its ability to be trained. He came out with a guide dog that was for the blind that had less shedding qualities. It was also for people with allergies to dander and fur. There are Labradoodles nowadays that are used as guide dogs, therapy dogs, and even assistance dogs.

The Labradoodle is a dog breed that is still developing that is why it is not yet officially recognized. The puppies of this crossbreed dog do not manifest consistent and predictable characteristics. From one breeder's point of view the Labradoodle have unpredictable personality and appearance though showing desired characteristics.

Some of the Labradoodles unpredictability's include: its hair could be anything being wavy , straight, or curly, from soft to wiry. There are Labradoodles that do not shed and there are those that shed. It is more likely that Labradoodle dogs have less doggy odor than Labrador Retrievers. The range of their colors include broen, black, apricot, cream, white, red and most of the colors found in Poodles.

There are some people though that would want to avoid making the Labradoodle as one of the recognized breeds. They think that a true Labradoodle will only have to created from a Labrador and a Poodle. It is believed that when restricting the breeding to just a Labrador and a Poodle, and not two Labradoodles, the genetic diversity can truly be maintained. It can also avoid inherited diseases or health issues that have conquered some dog breeds.

But some people have bred Labradoodle to Labradoodle in their attempt to come up with a new breed. Such new breed of dogs were called Australian Labradoodles of Multigenerational. The Multigenerational Labradoodle or the so-called early generation Labradoodle differs a bit from the Australian Labradoodle . This is because Australian Labradors could have other breeds in their bloodlines.

English Cocker Spaniels or Poodle crosses, American Cocker Spaniel crosses, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Irish Water Spaniels, and Curly Coated Retrievers were some of the dogs that have been used to breed certain Australian Labradoodle lines.

The Labradoodle coat is split into three categories. These are:
Fleece , that is soft and free flowing, with kinked or wavy appearance
Hair, which sometimes can be curly, wavy, straight, and more similar to a Labrador's coat.
Wool, that has tight curls, similar the Poodles coat appearance though with a softer texture.

(Article written by Kerri Brantley)