Pet Articles

How to Bathe a Puppy
Your puppy's first bath. Free hints and tips on the best age to start puppy baths and use of shampoo and grooming aftercare.

Roughage for Dogs
Interesting article about dog fiber and roughage, with details about water soluble (or fermentable) and insoluble (or non fermentable) fiber.

The Hound, Working & Terrier Groups
Information about the characteristics of the Hound Group, the Working Group and the Terrier Group of dogs.

Herbal treatment for dogs
Featuring herbs for respiratory problems, herbs used to detoxify and as dietary supplements.

Victorian Dog Art
An introduction to dog art, looking at the different sub-divisions of canine painting.

The Labradoodle (Labrador & Poodle Mix)
Information on the origins and breeding history of this dog.

Dog Aromatherapy
Tips on how to do dog aromatherapy, including a list of it's benefits and some good oils to use.

Top Dog Film Stars
Information about top dog film stars, featuring Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Toto and Buddy.

Links to Sites

Pet Services
Links to dog pet services such as pet insurance, pet sitting, pet information and pet memorials.

Pet Tags
Links to some great pet gifts such as leashes, collars, leads, toys, stylish clothes, beds and engraved dog ID tags.

training & kennels
Links to good pet and dog training, such educational books, DVDs and CD's, as well as some great dog obedience and behavior guides.

Horse Resources
With links to some great horse websites, such as riding vacations, horse books and DVD's, training and breeding resources.

Galleries & Art Suppliers
Featuring some great online art galleries showcasing contemporary and classical art works, and arts equipment suppliers such as art materials, framing services, and graphic arts gear.

Portrait Artists
An extensive round-up of some of the most talented portrait artists both here in the UK and across the world.

Fine Artists
Here you'll find some great contemporary fine artists, working in various media such as acrylics, oils, pastels and watercolour.

Portrait Photography
Commission good portrait photos by experienced local and national photographers. A page with links to professional photography sites.