Custom Portraits

Can I request additional features to the portrait such as the dogs collar or hairband? Can I have the name of my pet on the work?

Additional features such as collars, scarfs, hairbands, and the name of your pet in the portrait can be requested free of charge. Any specific requirements can be requested when you come to order.

portrait of a dog wearing a bow tie

"Murphy" (2016, pastels)

In this portrait the customer requested if Murphy's tartan bow and collar could be included in the work. This is an example of a 16" by 12" head and shoulders portrait, with a scenic background.

If you would like the name of your pet on the portrait, please feel free to choose this as an option when you order the portrait. I usually write the name in the opposite corner to my signature.

Portrait of Spaniel with a toy

"Hamish" (pastels, 2010)

In this example we see a beautiful springer spaniel called "Hamish". Here the owner requested if it might be possible to picture him with his favourite toy. The portrait is on a plain background. However, I included a small amount of shading underneath the dog to create the sense of shadow, so that we feel that he is lying down and not just simply "floating" in mid-air!

Here I only needed to use one photo to create the portrait. However, sometimes it's possible to use two (or more) photographs to achieve this kind result - using the first one for the pose and composition, and the second photo for the additional feature required.