International Commissions

I live in the USA. Can you deliver to here?

It's possible for me to send you a portrait to pretty much anywhere, as long as you have a delivery address. I send portraits by insured airmail delivery. That way, even if the work is lost in transit (which has never happened so far!) either a full refund can be issued, or I can redo the portrait for you at no extra cost.
In recent years I've completed commissions for Ireland, Canada, the USA, France, Australia, Hong Kong and of course, the UK!

Here's an example of a commission I sent to Washington State, USA:

White cat with differently coloured eyes

I received my portrait of Angel today. When I opened the tube with her picture in it, it was like she was still here with me. I looked at her and just cried. You really captured her beauty and spirit. Thank you so much Julie. You don't know how happy you made me.

(Junetta Lancaster, Olympia, Washington State, USA)