Portrait Size Options

What size of portrait would you recommend for my breed of dog?

The answer to this question depends on whether or not you would like a head and shoulders, a full body portrait, or whether you require a group portrait.

Head and Shoulders Portraits

Border Collie head and shoulders portrait

A 16" by 12" head and shoulders portrait

Generally any breed of dog will work on a 12" by 9" or 16" by 12" size portrait. Keeo in mind that with a 24" by 18" for most types of pets (other than horses and very large dogs) the portrait will appear larger than life size. A 16" by 12" or 18" by 14" offers more scope for detail, especially when a moderate or larger dog (such as German Shepherd) is being painted.

Full Body Portraits

A Rottweiler full body portrait

A 24" by 18" Full Body Portrait

I offer 16" by 12", 18" by 14", 20" by 15 ", or 24" by 18" for a full body study, with the largest size giving scope for the greatest depth of detail. Cats or toy dogs can work well at the 16" by 12" size, larger breeds of dogs work better at the larger sizes.

Group Portraits

Two Cocker Spaniels in an outdoor scene

A 24" by 18" Full Body Group Portrait

For head and shoulders studies with two subjects, the optimum sizes are 16" by 12", 18" by 14", or 20" by 15". Three subjects require 24" by 18".

Any full body group studies are best at 24" by 18" (although 20" by 15" can work for smaller breeds or subjects). Larger sizes are available on request.

I am writing to say how wonderful the picture is - you have caught them both to perfection! Thank you so much for all your care and attention in creating what is a very lively representation.

Dr Ian Wotherspoon