Group Portraits

I'd like a number of my dogs together in one portrait, but I don't have a good photo of them all together. Is this possible?

It's perfectly possible to commission a group portrait! It's actually very rare that I use just one photo for a group portrait. Usually I assemble a large commission like this from several separate photos. To give you an idea, here's an example of a pastel commission for four small dogs together on 24" by 18" paper.

Original Photos

photo of toy dog benji

photo of toy dog pippin

photo of toy dog fluer

photo of toy dog chelsea

portrait of a dog wearing a bow tie

"Pippin, Fluer, Chelsea and Benji" (pastels, 2006)

The owner sent me several photos of each subject. I then selected a photo of each dog to work from so that the composition felt "balanced" i.e. with the dogs heads pointing in the appropriate directions etc.

Here's another commission completed by piecing together separate photos of two beautiful West Highland Terriers, and placing them into a beach scene (again using different photos for each dog):

Two West Highland Terriers on the beach

"Daisy and Poppy" (pastels, 2015)